Majestic Theatre
2849 Gretna Rd.
Phone: 417-222-4499

Branson Murder Mystery

4/22/2022  – Rich Turcott   – This is the funniest show in Branson!  It starts with a very good buffet dinner.  About 12 audience members volunteer to be in the show.  What ensues is a cast of Wild West Characters trying to figure out the murder.  You will laugh, as much of the lines are adlib and sooo humorous.  Make plans for dinner and a show.  You will not be disappointed. 

5/14/2022 – Jimmie Folse – Everyone is part of this hootin’, hollerin’, gun shooting (not real), bell ringing, musical, action-packed murder mystery. Get on your detective hat to solve the hilarious, “Murder at the Town Vote.” Get your 15 (or less) minutes of fame by becoming a cast member without leaving your seat. The show boasts a crazy, quick-witted, highly animated cast that takes audience interaction to a new level. Great improvisational skills are on full display. No two shows will be alike.  Great fun filled afternoon!