King's Castle Theatre
2701 W. 76 Country Blvd.
Phone: 417-334-2500

Anthems of Rock

3/11/2022 – jim kast – This show produces all the electricity for Branson.  From the opening song through the finale, sparks are flying.  The cast (singers and dancers), bring alive rock music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. The electric guitar of Jack Cathcart stood out and was an added treat.  The Queen finale was a perfect ending to the show.  If you want to re-live your rock years, the cast delivers a true rock concert.  Must see show for rock enthusiast.  

4/15/2022 – Jason Cragg – I have to tell you, it had been a very long draining week at work and on the spur of the  moment, I just had to get out and blow off some steam, find someway tot start the weekend with a Band and recharge.  I am so, so happy I was able to get a ticket to Kings Castle’s Anthems of Rock!  From the moment Jacob Played his first riff, I could feel that energy “draining” trend reversing as those heart pounding anthems grew.  As Tiffany and Taylor poured their hearts out, the feelings were rising, I seemed to draw energy from Kelvin, Kristen, Riley and the entire dance crew’s acrobatic, mesmerizing choreography.  I was having issues as their was too much happening all over the stage, where to focus?  The angst of my youth being expelled again, i was reborn through Meatloaf, Whitesnake, Kansas & Queen!  Jay, Santino, and Brian drove me to renewal through Aerosmith, Def Leopard, and every pounding melody that erased all the pressure of the week.  This is not a show, it is cross generational connection to the songs that built a city and build us.  Thank you so much!  

7/4/2022 – mike porter                                            Anthems of Rock

Rock and Roll Party here. Fantastic vocals and choreography take you on a journey through the hits of journey, Def Leppard the list goes on and on. Bring the kids to this one and rock out!


Dancing Queen

3/23/2022 – Phil Cragg – 1970’s dance music is the really more cool theme of this production.  It is one of the finest you will ever hear and enjoy.  From full Vegas show girl headdresses and ostrich plume costumes, you will be wowed with pristine harmonies and lead vocals by spectacular singing and precision choreography.   Music of the Bee Gees, Donna Summer, Irene Cara & Men at Work, will have your feet tapping the entire show.  Boomers like us who lived & breathed this boogie music will thoroughly enjoy this lavish production.  IF you lived to dance when you were  young then go see this show.

4/21/2022 – Jason Cragg – A wonderful group here in Branson suggested to me tonight that if people all over the world joined hands we could start a Love Train!  With everything happening in the world today what could be better.  I can’t personally think of anything better than reliving the love and power of the 70’s with King’s Castle’s Dancing Queen.  The power and grace that came through Sarah and Mesa’s vocals stirred me to the core.  Barry and Santino’s soulful sounds walked me through the dynamic 70’s  Slighting this dance crew is not possible, are a show in themselves and please do not limit them to :just dancers”.  The vocals this crews exhibited (spot lighted by Kelvin, tonight) shows no limits.  Amazing production, but I warn you, you will see people dancing in their seats, in the aisles and even I was standing and doing a mean “sprinkler” by the end.  Thank you so much for a great evening.  

7/6/2022  – mike porter                                        Dancing Queen

Disco comes alive in this show, spectacular costumes and choreography bring the hits of the disco era alive. Fantastic vocals and harmonies bring this show to the spotlight. One for the whole family.


Dublins Irish Tenors and Celtis Ladies

3/14/2022 – Phil Cragg – Love the beautiful harmonies from the superior sopranos and the rock solid tenors. Spectacular dancing from the cast. High energy entertainment from the entire cast.

5/16/2022 – Jim Kast – Spectacular show, take a trip to Dublin to hear those great folk songs of yesteryear. Marvelous opera numbers, and the Spirit of the Dance, dancers are a highlight for sure. Fantastic choreography, wonderful costumes, and staging. Take a chance and see this show you won’t be disappointed.




New Jersey Nights

3/25/2022 – Jason Cragg – Broadway meets Branson, the cool New Jersey Nights flow perfectly through the talents of the Jersey Boys and Girls.  Such an amazing cast coming together to capture the magic of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, along with some of the greatest Motown favorites for your family to enjoy!  So much fun!  Barry , Santino, Kristen and crew will have you rejoicing the opportunity to share with your family. 

5/13/2022 – Michelle Folse – A great nostalgic Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons tribute. The story of the Jersey Boys is told by the talented singers and their versions of “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Rag Dolls”.  Dancers, costumes, and sets round out this lively trip through their top of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s.  A sprinkling of comedy will bring additional smiles to you and your family. Don’t miss this highly entertaining and fun show!

5/20/2022 – Michael Wackerly – Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons on full display in this show, fantastic voices, choreography, and high energy from the entire cast. Enjoy all the hits with this trip down memory lane or become acquainted with the music this fantastic group you will not be disappointed with this choice. Fantastic family experience.

6/26/2022 – mike porter                                   New Jersey Nights

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at their finest, fantastic voices and choreography highlight this trip through the Four seasons Songbook. High energy show keeps your toes tapping.