Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre
3455 W. 76 Country Blvd.
Phone: 417-336-0888

Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai

5/15/2023 – Chuck Willkomm – Exciting new show this year. Perfect for the whole family. Very vibrant costumes, very multi-talented entertainers doing an excellent job in juggling, balance, acrobatics and more. Costumes are next to none in brilliance. 

6/17/2023 –  Michael Wackerly – What a talent group of performers in this show. Jugglers, aerialists, tumblers and so much more. Fast paced impressive feats over and over. Fantastic show for the entire family.

5/21/2023  – Michael Porter – Have to see this show to believe it. I was just in awe through most of the show. The great costumes and props, the incredible gymnastics It was a great performance. All the acts were great. It was such a great show.



Rick Thomas - Mansion of Dreams

 5/15/2023 – Michael Porter – Fantastic Show! The illusions are mind blowing and suspenseful. Great showmanship, fast moving show.  Costumes and props fit the illusions well. Wonderful show for the entire family with lots of audience participation. Wait to see the majestic Great Pyrenees.


6/5/2023 – barb willkomm -Top notch production show to entertain the whole family. Will keep you mesmerized from start to finish   Excellent cast assisting in illusions. 

Even from what seems like it could be an illusion you’ve seen done before Rick has a way to make it stand out like you’ve not seen it before. 

Some audience participation of all ages. Great family show.

The Texas Tenors- Live in Concert