IMAX LIttle Opry Theatre
3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expy
Phone: 417-335-4832

George Jones Haggard and Friends

4/15/2024 – Barb Willkomm – 

George Jones and friends is exactly what you’re going to hear when attending the show.  The best songs from Merle Haggard, George Jones, and many of their friends, including Willie Nelson, Randy Travis, etc.

George Geiser and his live band and singer do a great job of singing old time country music.  You will not hear anything current in the show but what you do hear is good and you will enjoy listening to it.

Hilary Carroll does a great job on singing some Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline songs ell as assisting with other songs during the show.  Again, if you like all time country music, this is the show for you.


4/27/2024 – Mike Wackerly –

 George Geisser leads this fantastic show over at the imax.  Take a musical journey through the musical careers of George Jones, Merle Haggard and Willie to name a few. Classic Country all the way. Fantastic Band with  Forrest and Justin Herzog joining George and Hilary Carrol on stage round out   this show perfectly.




Rick McEwen - Presents The Gambler

4/16/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

If you’ve never seen Kenny Rogers, this is your opportunity.  Shut your eyes and listen and you will soon know that Rick McEwen portrays the very best image and sound of Kenny Rogers.  We had the opportunity to see Kenny at one time and Rick is just as good as Kenny ever was. He covers all of Kenny’s top songs and some duets that Kenny performed with other entertainers.  One of the highlights is Rick’s show is when he invites an audience member to come up and participate in a song that he sung with Dolly Parton, Islands in the stream. We had the opportunity this time to listen to a very well-versed lady sing this song with Rick.

So all of you Kenny Rogers fans, be sure to include this how on your list of shows to see while traveling in Branson  Enjoy.

Todd Oliver – & Irving The talking Dog –

5/15/2024 – Barb Willkomm – 

For ventriloquism at its best. This is the show you want to see. Todd Oliver, and his talking dog Irvin not only will he amaze you with his ventriloquism, he also provides some music and magic.

This show is a family-oriented variety show and all ages will enjoy.

This show can be seen at the Imax Complex at the little Opry Theater. Check their schedule for times and availability but don’t leave it off your list of shows to see.

The Petersens –

3/21/2024 – Rich Turcott –  Hidden off the strip is the IMAX complex is the little opry theatre.  The Petersens are a jewel of the shows here.  No where else will you hear great harmony, combined with bluegrass and hear original songs from the group.  Plus, songs from Dylan, Areosmith and yes Queen.  See this show, it is a breath of fresh air in the world!!!

4/2/2024 – Barb Willkomm – If you want to see an entertaining Bluegrass show, this would be the one for you.  This extremely talented family puts on a very authentic Bluegrass show.  

The family has very good harmonization and excellent instrumental skills.  Each has their own special talent and provides their own special touch to the performance.  

Today’s  surprise at the show was the addition of a couple rock songs that ae very very popular that have been classified as Bluegrass.  I won’t spoil any surprises, so go see for yourself which ones they are.  Enjoy a wonderful afternoon.     

The Sons of Britches

4/8/2024 – Barb Willkomm – 

Highly entertaining is even isn’t even close to the description of the show. You have to see it to believe it except for the first couple opening songs, and the last ending songs, this show is completely improv.

The audience is asked the beginning of the show to shout out songs that they would like to hear so if you don’t like the show it’s not because the boys didn’t perform well it’s because you picked out the wrong songs. It’s amazing the songs that they know just off the top of their head very seldom do they look up the lyrics.

It’s presented in such an informal manner and with some comedy thrown in there you just can’t help but laugh yourself throughout the night and enjoy the music. Be sure to see the show when you’re in Branson. 


4/27-2024 – Mike Wackerly –

 This is not your typical Branson Show. Most of the show they take requests  from the audience and put their spin on things. The Guys are all fantastic musicians and entertainers that have been doing this for awhile. Once you see this show you will know why. Visit the Imax and be proud to be an S.O.B


Smoke on the Mountain

4/27/2024 – Michael Wackerly –

Join the Sanders family singers at the first annual Mount Pleasant Baptist       Church. Sit back and enjoy the family perform some good ol’ Gospel Music.

The cast are all top-notch performers and musicians that will keep you in stitches throughout. This one is a can’t miss!


5/4/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

This comedy production takes place in the 1930s depression area at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. Now before you think oh my gosh, a church setting you don’t know what you’re in for. Smoke on the mountain has to be the absolutely funniest comedy production that I’ve seen in Branson.

The characters are portrayed by excellent cast members who know their parts inside and out and are not afraid to portray them in the funniest manner possible.

The antics of June is just astronomical although I though fault can’t be found with any of the actors she just happens to have one of the funniest parts and underlying one because they’re all funny 

So for some comedic relief in this world, please take the time to go see the show you will not be disappointed. 




4/8/2024 – Barb Willkomm – 

For extremely entertaining afternoon of country gospel music you’ll want to be sure to see Dana Edwards, Jonathan Edwards, and Lee Hendrix performing Absolutely Country definitely gospel.

The blended voices are extremely pleasant to listen to, and the choices of music that they provide are memories from the heart to now. All-time southern gospels never been in its finest. Excellent selection of country music beautifully performed by the trio. Be sure to mark this as a show to see when you’re in town.