IMAX LIttle Opry Theatre
3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expy
Phone: 417-335-4832

Melody Hart Family and Friends

6/19/2021- Paul Landers – If you are looking for a down to earth country show, Melody Hart Family and Friends is the show to see.  Melody and her husband, Wayne are award winning entertainers and their sons Dillon and Garrett are both talented as well.  Joining them on stage is Dino Strunk a Multi time guitar player of the year.  Add this to the list of must see shows in town.

The Petersens


Country Evolution

6/1/2021 – Rich Turcott – A new show in Branson.  Delena Ditto has a strong voice.  She is easy to listen to and sings effortlessly.  She and her band guide you through the years of country music.  The theatre is a small intimate venue that puts you right in front of the performers.  Check this noon show out. 

6/21/2021 – Paul Landers – They perform a wide range of country music from Jimmie Rodgers, Gene Autry, Patsy Cline, Randy Travis and many more.  The show play hits from the beginning of country music up too the 90’s   Good show for the entire family.

Sons of Britches

7-5/2021 Paul Landers – Enjoy the music and comedy of Earl Vaughan, Louis Darby and David Edwards.  This is not your average Branson Show as the show is mostly built around the boys taking Requests for songs and sometimes putting their spin on things..  They will have you in stiches with their comedy.  Great show.

Petersens Gospel

7/14/2021 – Paul Landers – Fantastic show.  Beautiful harmonies, talented musicians and terrific voices.  Don’t have to be just a bluegrass fan to like this show.  The whole family is in the show.  Get over to the Little Opry Theatre and check this one out.

Smoke on the mountain

6/15/2021 – Paul Landers – You will laugh your tail off and your face will be sore from laughing so much.  The show is a musical comedy set in North Carolina in 1938.  Follow the Sanders family singer as they perform at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Saturday Night Gospel Sing.  Lots of comedy and lots of good old gospel music.  Get over to the IMAX for this one.

George Jones and Friends

6/30/2021 – Paul Landers – Wonderful show.  George Gasssier play tribute to George Jones, Tammy Waynette, Waylon Jennings and others.  George takes requests through out the show, not something you find very often in Branson Shows.  Great show for everyone.

Chris Stanley Comedy and Magis Hour

6/15/2021 – Pau Landers – Fun show and fun tricks.  Just a fun guy.

Rick McEwings Big Show

7/19/2021 – Paul Landers – Rick’s show is packed with classic country, rock, gospel and bluegrass.  rick and his friends, Cole Lee and Kari Garrison, have great fun doing some great pickin’ and singing.  They will have you clapping and singing along.  Great show.

Sanders Family Christmas