Pepsi Legends Theatre
1600 W, 76 Country Blvd.
Phone: 417-339-3003

Legends in Concert

4/16/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

Always entertaining and always multiple acts to see at this theater.  This particular night we reviewed Elvis, Temptations and the Blues Brothers.  It was refreshing to see a new Elvis in the show and enjoyed him tremendously. He covered a lot of the favorite songs of people that enjoyed Elvis’s music and was done to a perfection. 

The Blues Brothers changed their feature show from what they had in the past and added new  material and it was fantastic.  The Blues Brothers are always highly entertaining and highly energetic.  

The third act was the temptations.  These five guys performed precisely as Temptation would have if you had seen them in concert.  The harmonies were wonderful and the songs they selected were great.

As always, the band was outstanding as were the singers and dancers.

Be sure to see the show when you’re in town.



4/15/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

If you’ve never seen or heard an orchestra of human voices, then you really need to come and see this show.

Each one of the six brothers is able to mimic all the sounds of the instruments that are heard on stage plus effects that sounds that you would hear in the movie theater production.  The selection of songs they sing is amazing and my particular favorite was the segment with the Beatles and Beach Boys.

They have been performing for many years and it’s a well orchestrated show.  Be sure to see them at the Pepsi Legends Theater when you’re in town.