Hughes Brothers Theatre
3425 W. 76 Country Blvd.

Hughes Music Show

3/2/2022 – Rich Turcott – A great night of fabulous entertainment.  The Hughes family, over 50 family members strong  performed a top notch show.  The talent level in every age group is phenomenal.  Sit back and enjoy the music, songs, dancing & comedy.  Definitely a magical experience. 

7/9/2022 – mike porter                            Hughes Music Show

The Hughes Brothers have another great show at their theatre, very entertaining family. Over 50 people can be on the stage at one time. All very talented musicians and the choreography is spot on. This is a family show for everyone in your family to enjoy.


Hughes Brothers Country

3/2/2022 – Rich Turcott – The Afternoon start off with a free BBQ lunch and then a very good country show.  The Hughes Brothers, take  you back to their roots from where they started.  Along with their talented children, there is dancing, comedy and songs, which make for an entertaining show.    The second half of the show brings the gospel music, which is moving and uplifting.  Thank you Hughes family for great entertainment.   

5/17/2022 – Michael Wackerly – Fantastic afternoon begins with a delicious BBQ lunch and carries through a to a wonderful Country Music show. The Hughes Brothers take you back to where it all began for them. The Harmonies are top level, the costumes are great and then they bring out the kids. Inspiring Gospel selections round out this show perfectly. Top ticket!


7/5/2022 – mike porter                                          Hughes Brothers Country         

The Hughes Brothers are taking you back in time to where it all started for them. Classic country and western music with some beautiful Gospel music added. The harmonies are some of the best in town. Four little cowboys singing Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys was a showstopper.


4/8/2022 – Jason Cragg – Ever wonder how Branson’s Power Grid survives when all four of table rock dam’s generators are not at 100% power?  My best guess is the lights are twinkling from the sheer energy the crew at Hughes – Re-Vibe are kicking out.  To say this show is high energy, does not do it justice!  This show provides something for every member of the family, from the foundation of current music in the Doo0-Wop era through 70’s disco (one of personal favorites of the show) through today, a great show.  These young start will form the basis of Branson talent for years to come.

4/22/2022 -Rich Turcott – The opening number sets the mood.  Fast paces, singing, dancing and many instruments throughout the show.  This is truly a show that will draw the under 40 crowd.  Everyone on stage is multi talented.  It’s just a different kind of show for Branson.  The energy level will not be topped on any other stage.  See this show.


4/29/2022 – JImmie Folse – Awesome show by the second-generation of one of the “First Families” of Branson!  This cast of cousins, ranging in age from 14 -24, delivers a high-energy performance through song, dance and instrumental excellence.  These young performers are very talented as individuals but as a group, they are unbeatable!  It is great to see young people who exemplify high values of faith and love of family and country.  Break out a tissue for their emotionally moving tribute to our Armed Forces.  Absolutely a must-see show!  9

Escape Reality

3/21/2022 – Phil Cragg – Garry and Janine Carson very quietly have risen to the pinnacle of Illusion and Magic productions in Branson.  I was in the second row of seats & for the life of me, i was completely dumbfounded at what we continually witnessed.  Gary would disappear and she appears…tables would levitate then they also disappeared!  An audience volunteer stood up from her seat on the stage and again.. it was suddenly gone whit the cover as he removed it in a whisk of motion.  If you are a fan of this type of entertainment, then definitely do not miss this show!


4/20/2022 – Rich Turcott – Garry Carson provides a fast paced high energy show.  Along with his wife Janine, you will be mesmerized and think how was that done after each illusion.  There is a lot of audience participation with a number of kids getting on stage.  Definitely, a whole family show.  Be sure to add the dinner.  It was also fabulous just like the show.


4/30/2022 – Michael Wackerly – This is very fast paced show, so don’t blink your eyes or something may disappear.  Garry Carson who is joined on stage by his wife Janine, combine spectacular illusions that will blow your mind, along with magic tricks that make the kids he brings on stage feel like true magicians.  Fantastic stage presence and Family oriented you will find out why Garry Carson is one of the top illusionist in the Country..  With a fantastic dinner, this show is a must see.

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