Grand Country music hall
1945 w. 76 country blvd.
phone, 417-335-2484

Grand Jubilee

5/9/2023 – Barb Willkomm –  For a fun evening of laughter, good variety of music, an excellent band and great singers then the show to see is Grand Jubilee.  Country, rock, gospel and patriotic are all covered and done well by the entertainers. Excellent fiddle selections for those who favor the fiddle, and the comedy is some of the best in town   Put this on your list of shows to enjoy.

4/25/2023 – MIchael Porter – What an evening, was very entertaining from beginning to end. The band is phenomenal, the comedy is fantastic and blend in one of the most talented people in town Jamie Haage and emcee extraordinaire Mike Patrick and you have a fantastic evening for sure.


Amazing Pets

7/14/2021 – Paul Landers – Great Family show, especially for the kids.  Trained Huskies, cats and birds.  Kids from the audience get to be on stage several times during the show and they get a big kick out of it.  Applejack works  kids and will have you rolling in you seats.  Amazing what Valery Tsoraev and Olga can get these rescue animals to do.  Do yourself a favor and take your kids to this one, perfect for adults as well.

Down Home Country

4/14/2023 – Michael Wackerly -What a fantastic way to start the day, The dynamic duo of fiddles Melody Hart and Wayne Massengale, the incredible vocals of Melody and Jamie Haage, the side-splitting comedy of Jarret Dougherty and you have a fantastic show, round it out with one of the top bands in town and you have a must see show.

4/21/2023 – rich Turcott -This show at the Grand Country Music Hall is a definite must see. The combination of GREAT old Country Songs, a fantastic Band, superb voices and the BEST Comedy in Branson should not be missed. Start your morning with this show and hurry it is a limited engagement so do not delay..

5/4/2023 – Michale Porter –  Great way to start the morning, fantastic old country music. The band is one of the best in town and the comedy skits are hilarious. Jamie Haage and Melody Hart will sure have you singing along. This is a must see show in town, it’s a limited run until fall so get on over there.


5/18/2023 – Barb Willkomm – Make plans to see this great morning show on select dates before June 12 when it goes on hiatus.  You’ll enjoy the old-time country and gospel and funny to the bone comedy provided. A portion of the show was dedicated to Mickey Gilly with everyone singing a hit.  The band is one of the best in town and the fiddle players are the tops. Don’t miss out.




Comedy Jamboree

4/11/2023 – Barb Willkomm – If you’re looking for a show for a lot of laughs, then you’ve went to the right place. Some slapstick comedy as well as Improv and comedy routines. Gigi and Tiffany complement the show with singing and dancing. 

4/23/2023 – rich turcott – Guaranteed Laughs courtesy of Apple Jack, Stretch McCord and Andy P.  This show at the Grand Country Music Hall is a must see. I great way to spend your midday. These comedians backed by the Grand Band featuring Piano Extraordinaire, Tracy Heaston is a nonstop entertainment show. Make this a must see when you are in Branson.


4/25/2023  – Michael Porter – When you need a good laugh head on over to Grand Country, the comedy is fantastic, the band is one of the best in town. Throw in the singers and dancers and you have the makings of a hit show. You will leave much happier then when you arrived.

New South Gospel

4/21/2022 – Rich Turcott – New South is a premium Branson Quartet.  The New South Gospel show, with Jim Dandy (Jamie Haage) and Jackie Brown is a powerful 2 hours of Gospel, old and new.  Add the Rhinestone Mafia Band led by pianist extraordinaire, Tracey Heaston and you will be clapping , singing along and stomping your feet.  Spend your afternoon enjoying New South Quartet, an experience not to be missed. 

5/12/2022 – Michael Wackerly – Voted Quartet of the year many times, New South delivers once again with such fantastic harmonies, that blend perfectly. Joined onstage by the powerful voice of Jackie Brown and the comedic genius of Jim Dandy this show, provides Gospel music and comedy to keep you happy all day long. The Grand band led by Tracey Heaston rounds this show out perfectly. Great for whole family.

5/12/2022 – Jimmie Folse – Uplifting and inspiring performances of Southern by award-winning vocalists and musicians. The whole family will be moved by the warm harmonies of the New South Quartet and the energizing performances of Jackie Brown and Jim Dandy.  Tracy Heaston is extraordinary on the piano and leads the outstanding sounds of the Grand Band. The highlight of the show is a moving rendition of “Because He Lives.” Perfect way to spend an afternoon with your family!


Ozark Gospel

4/30/2023 – barb willkomm –  Look no further than this show if you’re wanting to hear foot stomping, hand clapping old time gospel music. You will spend an enjoyable afternoon listening to Tammy and Tonya sing away. They’re accompanied by a great band and even take a couple requests from the audience. 

4/23/2023 – Michael Porter – Classic Gospel at its best sung from the heart. You can tell this trio loves singing Gospel songs. Highlighted with a fantastic band, and the hilarious comedy of Tim Mabe  this is a fantastic Sunday afternoon.

Ozark Country

4/30/2023 – barb willkomm –  If you’re into old-time country music, then look no further than this show. You will be thoroughly entertained by Tammy, Tonya and Mel and the Ozark Band. Songs also include a small gospel and patriotic tribute.  As you listen, you’ll know it comes from the heart when performed. Comedy by Droopy Drawers Jr and the girls will leave you in laughter. 

4/23/2023 – Michael Porter – This is the show for some classic country, Tammy and Tonya Bilyeu have a dynamic show awaiting you. Great harmonies and Droopy Drawers will have your sides aching. Good wholesome country show you don’t want to miss.