Grand Country music hall
1945 w. 76 country blvd.
phone, 417-335-2484

Grand Jubilee

3/20/2024 – Rich Turcott –

Definitely a show to see.  The cast i s top shelf.  New South is as good as it get.  Their voices hit all the notes and make for great listening and Jackie Brown is spectacular this season.  Jim Dandy, what can you say other then talented and funny. funny. funny. The glue to this show is the Rhinestone Mafia Band.  Definitely a show to see in Branson. 

4/4/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

For an evening of entertainment and laughs, be sure to stop over to the Grand Country Music Hall and see the Grand Jubilee.  The comedy provided is hilarious and always up-to-date.

New South does a fantastic job of singing in this show with their beautiful harmonies, and always singing classic, gospel and country and rock songs that all will enjoy. 

The band always gives you the best music you would expect at the show. 

Mike Patrick complements the show with his piano playing and singing as well as being the perfect MC of the night.

Be sure to put this show on your schedule of shows to see when you’re visiting Branson. 


5/1/2024 – Jim Kast –

What do you get when you have the Emcee of the year, band of the year and Comedian of the year? You have one of the best shows in town. This year is           No different, entertaining from the first note to the last. Must see show!

Pets and Giggles


Down Home Country

4/19/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

Opening for a limited time this spring is down home country located at the Grand Country Music Hall.  With this new cast of characters to the show, not new to Branson, you can see a great morning show for the whole family.

Jamie Haage, Kimberly Barber, and Billy Yates , sing a lot of your old time country favorites that will bring back lots of memories and  they do it well  The Grand band better  known as the Rhinestone Mafia also has new members that will entertain you through out the show.  

It’s a pleasure to be able to go to a show and relax and enjoy the  old time country music.  Something that is near, and dear to heats of young and old and solely forgotten in some other Branson Shows.

Be sure to hit this show up this spring, it’s just there for a limited time and then we’ll come back in the fall.  


4/26/2024 Jim Kast – 

This show is a Classic country celebration. Featuring Billy Yates, Jamie Haage and Kimberly Barber so mush talent on one stage. The band is made up of some of the best in town.

Add one of the best comedian and you have a top ticket in town. Sit back and enjoy Country music    of yesterday as it should be.


Comedy Jamboree

4/5/2024 – Barb Willkomm – 

Sit back and enjoy an afternoon of laughter, music and comedy while attending the comedy jamboree at Grand Country music Hall

Laugh at the optics of structure, McCord and less while the girls, Tiffany and Gigi while you with their dance routines. The Grand band is at their finest with their musical skills to accompany at all.


4/29/2024 – Jim Kast –

Join the cast of Comedy Jamboree for an afternoon of hilarious comedy and classic country music. Justin, Ryan and Lex provide the comedy that will have your sides aching. The Jamboree singers have b4autiful voices and the coreography is wonderful, and round it all off with the fantastic  Grand band    and you have the makings of an excellent show.


New South Gospel

4/25/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

For some of the best old-time, southern Gospel music you want to go see the new South Quartet at Grand Country Hall on Thursday afternoon at three.

These four gentlemen have perfect harmonies, singing, great old-time hymns for their audiences. There are occasionally company by Jackie Brown and Jamie Haage, who also access the comedian, Jim Dandy.

They accompanied by rhinestone mafia, which is the house band at Grand Country and they do a fantastic job. So, if gospel music is what you’re interested in, then this show is for you. Enjoy. 

Ozark Gospel

4/7/2024 – barb willkomm – 

After visiting the church of your choice on Sunday morning, head on down to Grand Country Hall and see this wonderful gospel show, Ozark Gospel. You’ll be pleased at the beautifully harmonized, voices of sister, Tammy and Tonya Beaulieu, along with her brother, Jaime to hear some of your favorite gospel songs.

Their accompanied by a wonderful band and it’s just an uplifting experience to listen to these three sing their afternoon away in the name of our savior.

The show plays every Sunday afternoon at 2 PM.  Don’t miss it and put it on your list.


4/28/2024 – Jim Kast – 

Classic Southern Gospel and Tonya, Tammy and Jamie know how to sing it.  The Bilyeu trio harmonize beautifully together, delivering the word through song and music, joined on stage by the comedic genius of Droopy Drawers Jr and the Ozarks Gospel band, which is made up of some of Branson’s finest musicians   Come on in and enjoy your Sunday  afternoon leaving a lot better then when you got there!


Ozark Country

4/7/2024 – barb willkomm – 

For a nice relaxing evening of old-time country music come to the Grand Country Hall and listen to Ozark country. Billy sisters and Mel Carter will fill your evening with great entertainment along with the outstanding band that accompanies them.

Throughout the show you we’ll see appearances made by droopy drawer, Junior, fantastic legend and Ozark country comedian. Also be prepared for the cute skit. Tammy and Tanya put on during the second half of the show it will have you rolling in stitches

This show plays every Sunday evening at 7 o’clock at the Grand Country Hall. 

4/28/2024 – Mike Wackerly –

Join Tammy and Tonya Bilyeu for an evening of Classic country music that is perfect for the whole family. They will have you dancing in your seat and singing along as they showcase what has made them a Branson Staple for years.

Joined on stage by the incredible voice of Mel Barber, the comedy of Droopy Drawers jr and the Ozark Country band. This is a must see show.