Grand Country music hall
1945 w. 76 country blvd.
phone, 417-335-2484

Grand Jubilee

6/25/2021 – Paul Landers – New South Quartet performs with great harmonies.  Jamie Haage will have you in stiches with his comedy.  Great show for the entire family.

Amazing Pets

7/14/2021 – Paul Landers – Great Family show, especially for the kids.  Trained Huskies, cats and birds.  Kids from the audience get to be on stage several times during the show and they get a big kick out of it.  Applejack works  kids and will have you rolling in you seats.  Amazing what Valery Tsoraev and Olga can get these rescue animals to do.  Do yourself a favor and take your kids to this one, perfect for adults as well.

Down Home Country

4/17/2021 – Michael wackerly – Hang on to your western hats for this show.  with great singers and band, your in for a great show.  Jamie Haage and Melody Hart are the perfect duo for this classic country show.  Melody and her husband, Wayne, will show you how fiddles should be played.  Jarrett Dougherty will keep your sides splitting all morning and a superb band to round it all off.  You will be leaving the show very happy.

Comedy Jamboree

6/21/2021 – Paul Landers – Great choreography and fantastic voices  backed up by a great band.  Shannon “Applejack” Thomason, Andy “Andy” Parks and Justin “stretch McCord” Sifford, will keep you in stitches.  Head over to Grand Country Music Hall for this one

7/24/2021 – Rich Turcott – This is a fun filled show.  The comedy is mixed in very skillfully with serious and funny songs.  The skits are excellent and Andy Parks and AppleJack keep the pace fast and the jokes constant.  Tiffany and GIgi have nice voices and are a good duet.  The band is top notch and Tracy Heaston can play the piano like no one else.  Set aside an afternoon and see this show.

New South Gospel

6/24/2021 – Paul Landers – Wonderful Gospel show starring New South Gospel quartet.  This is an all star line up that has some of the best voices in Branson and backed by one of the best bands in town, The Rhinestone Mafia.  You will be standing for joy at the end.  Add this one to you your list.

Ozark Gospel

6/6/2021 – Rich Turcott – If you need more Gospel music after church, come to the Grand Country Music Hall.  Gospel songs sung by Tammy Carter and Tonya Wainscott.  Add comedian Tim Mabe (droopy Jr.) is a hilarious addition  to the show.

Ozark Country

6/20/2021 – Paul Landers – This show has classic country as well as newer country hits.  Backed by a fantastic band, sisters tammy & Tonya Bilyeu, headlning the Ozarks Country show.  Comedian Droopy Drawers will have you laughing all through the show.  Fantastic show, get over to see this one.