Gary Wackerly
1946 -2019
Founder of the Branson Show Awards

18 Years and Counting

Established 2004

Recognizing the best of Branson

The Branson Show Awards is the creation of Gary R. Wackerly, a Branson enthusiast for over 30 years, who saw and reviewed virtually all the shows the Branson entertainment community offered in that time period. 


Mr. Wackerly came up with the Branson Show Awards in 2004 to fill a gap in a system other award organizations were using and still use today.  Other award systems allow fans and visitors to vote.  That means voters can see as little as one show and vote.  They can even vote for shows they have not seen!  It is also possible for fans or family members to vote numerous times for their favorites, tipping the scales unfairly.   


The Award Committee of the Branson Show Awards sees every show in town before making nominations in numerous categories.  This group of volunteers love Branson and the wholesome entertainment it has to offer.  They see every show, review it and then nominate the best in various categories for awards.  Committee members vote on the winners.  Nominees and winners are posted on the site. Branson Show Awards is usually held around late September of each year. 


Branson Show Awards accepts no advertising from any of the show or theaters and in no way benefits from ticket-sales, commissions or other kick-backs from the Branson entertainment community.  They accept no money from any Branson show or entertainers.  They are not affiliated with any entertainers, shows, theaters, company, the city of Branson or any Branson or lakes-area Chamber of Commerce.     


Michael Wackerly                             

James Kast   

Benton Wackerly                                        

Board Members:

Glenda & Larry Oathout

Michelle & Jimmie Folse

 Steve Marberry

Committee Members:

Rich Turcott 

Barb & Chuck Willkomm 

Michael Porter