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Elvie Live - Aloha From Hawaii

4/29/2023  MIchael Porter – Elvis’ cousin Jerry Presley puts on a show worthy of the King.  Spectacular orchestra sets the tone for this fantastic show. Joined onstage by the Blackwoods this recreation of Elvis Hawaii concert is a must see show in Branson. Seeing is believing!

Elvie Live - Madison Square Garden

4/23/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

Tribute artist Jerry Presley, first cousin to Elvis, presents this concert style show in the finest way ever performed. If you want to see a true tribute artist that actually has Elvis real features, and this is the tribute artist you want to come and see.

Jerry does a excellent job and covering Elvis’s songs and highlights some of his time that was spent with Elvis in the early days. You will enjoy this concert style show, which is never ending and has no intermission. Relax enjoy the element that you feel when watching Jerry perform.

This show can be seen at Jerry Presley’s God & Country Theatre. Be sure to check the schedule for the date and times.

The Morace Family - Listen to the Music

4/26/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

Listen to the music is a show put on by a family for families. They have beautiful harmonies in their songs and cover many gospel songs, which is their strength.

They have a live band that accompanies some and they do a wonderful job. If you’re looking for a nice easy, listening show, then this would be the one for you to attend. Enjoy. 

Elvis Live - Last Concert

4/25/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

Great concert style show featuring Elvis Presley’s cousin Jerry doing his last concert. Not only were the songs in the last concert covered but Jerry threw in many extras, making this nearly a 2-hour show. As you’re aware, concerts back, then usually lasted only one hour.

Jerry is backed up by a great band, wonderful horn section and some of the best backup background singers in town.

If you’re an Elvis lover, and want to see a tribute artist, that is true to Elvis as they are first cousins, you don’t want to miss this show. 



Strait to Branson - A George Strait Tribute

4/25/2024 – Michael Wackerly – 

George Strait is back in Branson, thanks to Tim Hadler. Hit after hit of the Strait song catalog masterfully performed by Tim. Joined on stage by one of the top bands in town, this is a must-see show. Hurry over to Jerry Presley’s God And Country Theater you won’t be disappointed.’


5/5/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

New show alert! For all of you George Strait fans here is the show you want to put on your list to see while in Branson at t Jerry Presley’s God & Country Theatre. Tim Hamler presents straight to Branson astronomically tribute show to George Strait.

Mr. Hadler covers in first person, the life of George Strait, and many of his songs throughout the years. It’s a very interesting story and told very well.

Again this is one of the newest shows in Branson and it’s a must to see. 

A Garth Tribute

4/16/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

This is a must see show when you’re in Branson.  This new show of Garth tribute is absolutely fantastic.  Rich Watson comes out with the best interpretation of all of Garth good songs, and his wife, Anna Marie accompanies him when singing Trisha Yearwood songs. It’s absolutely amazing the the songs they cover and how they portray and listen to the wonderful voices and harmonies of these two people.  You can see the show at Jerry Presley’s God & Country Theatre when you’re in town.



A Neil Diamond Tribute

5/1/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

Neil Diamond tribute, presented by keystone, never ever a disappointing show. This tribute artist not only sounds but looks very similar to Neil Diamond. Shut your eyes and you will believe you are actually hearing Neil Diamond.

Alan is accompanied by 10-piece orchestra called the double diamond band. The list of accomplishments the members of this band have worked with over the years it’s just amazing.

Alan award-winning artist himself does a phenomenal job telling the story of Neil Diamond thru songs. Interjected in the story of Neil Diamond is a little is some of Keith Allen’s background as well which makes it quite similar yet quite interesting to hear.

So for all your Neil Diamond lovers out there this is the show for you to see, so just sit back, relax and enjoy. 

Carpenters Once More

5/1/2024 – Barb Willkomm – 

This show is phenomenal for Karen Carpenter fans. Diana Lynn highlights the career of Karen through a wonderful story and songs. She is accompanied by her husband, Keith Allen as plain, Richard, Carpenter, Karen’s brother. Also accompanying her is a 10-piece band and two backup singers that are very easy listening for your enjoyment.

One of the special features of the show Diana is telling Karen story is that she was vocally trained by Karen Carpenter. It’s amazing how much they sound alike and even if you kind of glimpse at them, you might even think they could be sisters.

Although there is not a hard intermission during the show, Debi Diamond, the only female comedian in Branson, comes out to highlight. Her story is in a comedic fashion that you will not forget. She will leave you in stitches.

This 2 PM show is a perfect afternoon show for the family as well as just playing Karen Carpenter fans. Be sure to put it on your list. 

Johnny Cash and Friends

5/3/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

Johnny Cash fans this just might be the show you’re waiting for. Dan Wagner portrayal start of Johnny Cash’s career tells a wonderful story with excellent background videos to portray his life.

He’s accompanied by a great band and Diana Lynn from the carpenters once more.

Diana does songs from Loretta Lynn, Olivia, Newton-John, Nancy Sinatra and June Carter Cash.

This is the new show in town at 7:30 at Jerry, Presley, God and Country Theatre.

Dan does an excellent job of portraying a tribute to Johnny Cash. 


Country Classics

4/27/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

New morning show in town called Country Classics at Jerry Presley’s God & Country Theatre.  This is an enjoyable show for those of you who like to listen to old time country music at its best. Ron, Wayne Atwood, and his band to excellent job at telling a little bit about each song they perform and then carrying through with the song itself.  Classic old-time country music is your listening pleasure then you need to put the show on your list of shows to see when in town. 

John Denver Songbook

5/15/2024 -Barb Willkomm –

James Garrett presents many of the songs written and performed by John Denver in the John Denver songbook tribute show at Jerry Presley’s God & Country Theatre. Very easy listening and bring back memories from a person that was lost too soon.

James Garrett is accompanied by a four-piece band, which always makes going to a show more interesting with life music. 

Sinatra and Friends