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Elvis/Blackwoods - Aloha From Hawaii

4/29/2023  MIchael Porter – Elvis’ cousin Jerry Presley puts on a show worthy of the King.  Spectacular orchestra sets the tone for this fantastic show. Joined onstage by the Blackwoods this recreation of Elvis Hawaii concert is a must see show in Branson. Seeing is believing!

Elvis/Blackwoods - Madison Square Garden

5/2/2023 – Barb Willkomm –  Elvis loved gospel and the Blackwoods was his favorite. This is a two part concert. First the Blackwoods perform then Jerry (Elvis) joins them for the second half of the show.  One of the oldest family gospel groups performing is The Blackwoods featuring RW and his beautiful wife Donna accompanied by six other fantastic singers and a full band. You’ll hear some of your favorite gospel songs as well as some that may not be as familiar, but all are very enjoyable. Wonderful harmonies and a killer base singer. Jerry Presley, cousin to Elvis, does an excellent job in this tribute show.  In my mind, this is how Elvis would look and sound if he’d was still alive and that is high compliment.  He’s accomplished by a full band and the Famous Blackwoods.  The show is done concert style, no break, and is fantastic.  Be sure to treat yourself to this performance.

5/9/2023 – Michael Porter – There are two shows in one.  The Blackwoods were Elvis’s favorite gospel group. The show opens with the Blackwoods performing, featuring RW and his wife Donna as well as full band and backup singers.  You will find them singing your favorite gospel songs.  The second half of the show includes Jerry Presley and Blackwoods.  The concert type setting adds to the show. Jerry performs nonstop to your favorite Elvis songs.    Elvis with the Blackwoods and you have an outstanding show. Put this on your list of shows to see.


The Morace Family - Listen to the Music


Elvis/Blackwoods - Gospel

5/28/2023 – Michael Porter – Great show with classic Gospel songs that Elvis enjoyed. Joined on stage with Elvis favorite Gospel group The Blackwoods. Great energy and great songs, what a wonderful show.

7/2/2023 – barb Willkomm – Jerry Presley, cousin of Elvis, does a fantastic job in this show honoring Elvis’s love of gospel music. This show is one of the best in town and I highly suggest you take the time to see it. 

The famous Blackwoods open the show and then join Jerry in his portion. 




Strait To Branson - A George Strait Tribute

4/28/2023 – MIchael Porter – Take a musical journey through the George Strait songbook with this delightful show at Jerry Presley’s God and Country Theater. Tommy James delivers a top-notch tribute to George Strait and some of his friends also. Backed by a fantastic band take a chance on this show.

6/9/2023 – barb willkomm – For all you George Strait fans this is a great tribute show by Tommy James and his 4-piece Strait to Branson band.  James covers as many numbers1 hits as he can in this 90-minute show along with some videos and background stories. Enjoy!


6/6/2023 – rich turcott – Tommy James does a 2 hr. Tribute show to George Strait. There are no fancy props, lighting, or costumes. Just a pleasant show of George Strait songs. A nice way to spend an afternoon. Showing at God and Country Theater.


Chicago a Tribute


A Neil Diamond Tribute

4/20/2023 – Barb Willkomm – If you’ve never had the opportunity to see a Neil Diamond concert in person, then put this show on your list.  You will not find anyone else that comes as close as Keith Allynn does as far as sound and resemblance. Allynn is accompanied by a top notch 11-piece band including 2 of the best female vocalists.  All of Diamonds top hits are covered as well as a few surprise songs from a couple artists. 

5/3/2023 – Michael Porter – Branson Neil Diamond has arrived, no one portrays Neil Diamond better. Keith Allynn does such a fantastic job; an extremely talented 11-piece orchestra backs him on stage as he belts out hit after hit. This must be on your list when you come to town.

6/8/2023 – Jim Kast – Sit back and close your eyes and you are at a Neil Diamond concert.  Keith Allynn has the looks, moves and sound of Neil Diamond.   He has a full band backing him up.  He sings several of Neils hits and some you may not be familiar with. He also gives an impression of Elvis which is good.  Put this on your list of shows to see.


6/8/2023 A Neil Diamond Tribute
Keith Allyn is phenomenal. He brings Neil’s songs to life, and you feel like you are at a Concert. He is backed by a great band and the voices of Diana Lynn and Adriana Fine. This is a show to be
seen if you like Neil Diamond Music.
Rich Turcott

Carpenters Once More

5/3/2023 – Michael Porter – Diana Lynn what a fantastic job! This show brought back so many memories as it will for you as well. Tells the carpenters story so beautifully. The Orchestra only enhances the show so well, as Diana provides the perfect voice for Karen Carpenter do yourself a favor and put this on the list.

5/17/2023 – Barb Willkomm – Sit back, relax and close your eyes and you would think you are hearing the real Karen Carpenter. But it’s Branson’s own Dianna Lynn!  Such an enjoyable afternoon show you won’t want to miss. Dianna is accompanied by Wes Larson and a full 8 piece band.  

For a special treat you can hear Branson’s only female comedian Debi Diamond giving her famous “eye” routine.  

Take the time to put this show in your schedule, you won’t be disappointed!

6/7/2023 – rich turcott – Diana Lynn and her 10-piece band is a show to see. She performs the songs that Karen Carpenter and Richard took to the top of the charts. Her singing is superb, and Wes Larson as Richard compliments her unique talent. See this show if you followed the Carpenters.

6/21/2023 – Michael Wackerly – Fantastic tribute to the Carpenters. Diana Lynn has the perfect voice and stature to portray Karen Carpenter. After all Karen was her vocal coach. The band highlights this show perfectly. Stroll through all the Carpenters’ classics, you will enjoy this show immensely. The comedy portion of this show is a hoot!


Rockitman - A Tribute to Elton John

5/21/2023 – Michael Porter -Solid walls of sound a tribute to Elton John. All the hits, the outrageous costumes, and the showmanship of Elton. A very good presentation. Great energy, great band. The audience called for an encore, and one was delivered. Check this one out.


6/4/2023 – barb willkomm – An outstanding performance by Sir Elton John. The show covers so many of John’s hits of his career with so many great costume changes to accompany each era. 

The supporting band is one of the best in town and you can tell they thoroughly enjoy what they’re playing. 

Excellent videos accompanied each song and that brought back many memories. Be sure to catch this show. 

Neil Sedaka - His Music Legacy

Review – 

Absolutely Country Definitely Gospel

4/20/2023 – rich turcott -ACDG can now be found at God Country theater. New home, New and improved show. Jonathan and Deana Edward’s with Lee Hendrix on keyboards is a fabulous show. The Country portion pays homage to Branson Artists of the Past. Glen Campbell and Mikey Gilly as an example. The Gospel portion knocks it out of the park. Definitely songs that make you want to clap, wave your arms and shout AMEN. The tribute to the American Flag is the best I have seen. Take an afternoon and enjoy this long running hit.

4/27/2023 – barb willkomm –  There’s no surprise here when people mention how good this show is and why it has won so many awards   When in town and looking for a great combination of country and gospel take time for Absolutely Country and Definitely Gospel by Faiths Journey .  Jonathan and Deana Edwards do a fantastic selection of songs. With the beautiful blend of their voices, it’s a winning combination. The patriotic salute to our Veterans is top notch and very touching. 

4/24/2023 – Michael Porter – As the name states you will get both great classic country music, as well as some great southern Gospel music, Jonathan and Deana Edwards are joined on stage by Lee Hendrix. Fantastic vocals and harmonies. This is a wonderful show.

6/15/2023 – Michael wackerly – Wonderful show!  The first half is classic country music at its best. Jonathan and Deana Edwards and Lee Hendrix sing all the classic country songs you enjoy. The second half is pure Southern Gospel that will have you tapping your toes and waving your hands. Some of the tightest harmonies in town, and the patriotic salute will bring a tear to your eye. Perfect show for the whole family.


The Sons of Branson Celebration

4/28/2023 – Barb Willkomm –  Great morning show to start your day with! These three very talented gentlemen provide so much entertainment in just a short time!  Special twists to the music we all love and grew up with. From John Denver to Alabama to Bread and the Beatles plus much more. You will leave laughing and have a smile for the rest of the day.   Also presented is great gospel and of course a tribute to our veterans.  Take the time to see this and start your day with a smile!

5/12/2023 – Michael Porter – Great way to start the day. They have a special talent to twist songs in a funny way. Great harmonies and voices. You will clapping along to all your favorites. This is a show for the entire family. Take a morning to see this, you won’t be disappointed.

6/9/2023 – Michael wackerly – This show truly is a celebration of music. Everything from Tv themes, to Country, to Gospel. All delivered in the most harmonious way. These guys really enjoy what they do, and you can’t help singing along. Tom, Rich, and JW blend together perfectly. This is an intimate setting with a big sound. Perfect for the entire family.