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Patsy to Patsy


Platters Golden Sounds of the 50's

4/21/2022 = Phil Cragg – If you ae a fan of the romantic sounds of the Platters, Then these hits with smooth dance moves and sweet harmonies will re dazzle your fancy.  I was amazed hoe Eddie Stovall can elevate his voice so effortlessly from a Barry White baritone to a dynamic tenor of the same measure.  Willie Nash and Andre Shephard are also superb with Eddie.  They nailed notes that reminded me of how i fell in love with R&R way back in time.  Singing not only Platters great records but also Coasters, Drifters, and San Cooke, and dancing with your sweetheart is always encouraged.  The great R&B shows in Branson really have the bar set much higher by Eddie, Willie and Andre.  If I had 3 thumbs, they’d all be up and really enjoyed this one.

5/18/2022  – Jim Kast – Hot Hits theatre is the place to be for this great tribute to the Platters, as well as other Motown greats Eddie Stovall leads this dynamic group with his soulful voice, as you journey through the Motown classics. Singing along and dancing is highly encouraged, great show with fantastic dance moves and fantastic voices. Highly recommend this one

6/21/2022  – mike porter                                    Platters Golden Sounds

Eddie Stovall headlines this soulful tribute to one of Motown’s biggest group’s the Platters, and many other Motown favorites in this fantastic show. Audience participation highly encouraged you will be singing and dancing the night away.


Doo Wop & More

4/30/2022 – Michael Wackerly – The Hot Hits Theatre is home to this fantastic show.  Eddie Stovall, Kirk Hunter and Louis Clark blend together perfectly.  Eddies smooth rich voice combined with the fantastic voices of Kirk and Louis guide you through the Motown songbook hit and after hit.  They will have you up dancing in the aisles or swaying in your set.  Take this show in, you won’t regret it.

James Taylor & Soft Rock of thr 70's & 80's

6/20/2022 – mike porter                                 James Taylor and the Soft Rock of the 70-80’s

Fantastic Show at the Hot Hits Theatre. Move and groove to the soft rock of such fan favorites of James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Christopher Cross and more. Fantastic show for all ages.

Motown Downtown

3/19/2022 – Jason Cragg – Music all around and no where to dance?  Motown Downtown is for you!  I can’t think of a more perfect date night!  Take that someone out to a great meal and join the welcoming cast and crew at Motown Downtown.  With music so smooth and heart felt when you are not dancing in the aisles, you will be cuddling in your seats.  Motown comes from deep inside the artists hearts and souls and you feel it with every note.  Share those feelings with someone special, this will be a night you both will remember. 

Dean Martin - Music & More

6/22/2022 – mike porter                                      Best of Dean Martin

Hot Hits Theatre is the intimate setting for this show. Relive the glory years when crooners ruled  the music world. Fantastic voice you will leave very satisfied.