Hamners' Variety Theatre
3090 Shepherd of the HIlls Expy.
Phone: 417-334-4363

Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show

3/29/2022 – Jason Cragg – Hamners Unbelievable is the vey definition o  a variety show! From Award winning magicians to magnificent vocals to aerial acrobatics to pistol twirling, this show truly has it all.  My head is spinning trying to define my favorite performer as they all all so amazing.  Something for every age group to enjoy.

5/13/2022 – Michael Wackerly – This is a true Variety show with something for everyone. From an incredible rope trick and pistol trick artist to a dancing Gorilla. Dave Hamner provides the incredible illusions that will have You mesmerized, and his amazing, rare parrots are a show stealer. Incredible voices of Tamra Tinoco and Jeff Brandt along with master Aerialist and a Cyr wheel artist that are outstanding this show is the true meaning of a family show!

7/2/2022 – mike porter                                    Hamners Unbelievable Variety

This truly is a variety show, from the great vocals of Tamra Tinocco and Jeff Brandt to wonderful choreography. From rope tricks to an Aerialist even a giant Gorilla. Each performer brings all the energy they have you add the star of the show Dave Hamner and his fantastic illusions, and you have one well rounded entertaining show.

Mike Walker Lasting Impressions

4/26/2022 – Phil Cragg –  Mike’s an excellent voice that can perform his own top notch writings or sound as sultry as Conway Twitty or as smooth as Charlie Pride.  He is a true vocal “impressionist” that hits every note with ease.  He can sing country, pop, & even R&B, but I liked his original music most of all.  He’s opened for Super stars Tanya Tucker, Mel Tillis & the great Mickey Gilley.  This is a really great show for sure.


6/30/2022 – mike poprter                     Mike Walker Lasting Impressions

Impressive show, Mike walker has an amazing voice, and his impressions are spot on, very entertaining show, his original music is top notch.

ABBA Thank You For the Music

4/19/2022 – Rich Turcott – Great singing and choreography make ABBA a favorite every season.  New costuming and the additional of the new ABBA music keep this show current.  Four powerful voices make this a show to definitely to  see.  The 5pm time frame allows you to fit it in any schedule.  Thank you for the music, ABBA.  It is great show for all ages.

7/8/2022  – mike porter                               ABBA Thank You For the Music

The ABBA songbook comes alive in the show, Great vocals and choreography start you on a musical journey through the career of one of the biggest groups of all time. Interesting back stories and anecdotes that bring the story alive. And have you singing and dancing along. Must see.

Back to the Bee Gees

4/25/2022 – Phil Cragg – This is a great theatrical and musical journey through the careers and lives of the phenomenal Brothers Gibb.  It begins with the three older brothers in their years of singing for free and climaxes with their super songs written for others like Barbara Streisand and Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers.  The high harmonies and precise pitch of the voices was perfect.  The ladies absolutely loved the one and yes, I will highly recommend this also.  Not many musicians have been writing and performing for 5 decades but this remarkable group has stood the test of time and surely their music will never fade away!

5/9/2022 – Back to the Bee Gees

The Bee Gees are “Stayin Alive” in Branson. Stephen, James, and Michael take you and an incredibly entertaining journey through the lives of the Gibb brothers. Hit after hit and even some of the lesser-known music is delivered with flawless rendition in this fast-paced show. Learn all about the Bee Gees and the music they produced for other well know entertainers. Choreography is top notch this is a show to put on top of your to see list!

Michael Wackerly


7/6/2022  – mike porter                                  Back to the Bee Gees

Stephen, James and Michael take you on a musical journey through the songbook of the Bee Gees vocals and choreography are very impressive. Get your dancing shoes on and hit the floor.

Beach Boys - California Dreamin'

 5/19/2022 – Michael Wackerly – Beach Party going on in Branson. Incredible cast that gives you their all. High energy, fantastic choreography, and costumes for the era. Beach Boys catalog on full display in this fantastic tribute show. Everything you need to know about the beach boys you will see and hear in this show!

6/15/2022     – Mike Porter                                 Beach boys California Dreamin’

Very Upbeat, and enjoyable show. Great music from a great era. Hit after hit of the Beach Boys delivered with precise choreography and fantastic voices. Wonderful stage chemistry put this one on the list.


Oh Happy Days - Going Back to Gospel


Statlers Brothers Revisited

6/30/2022 – mike porter                       Statler Brothers Revisited

Wonderful group with fantastic harmonies. Great onstage connection as they give you hit after hit of the Statler Brothers. Each member is a great vocalist, making this a well-rounded show.