Hamners' Variety Theatre
3090 Shepherd of the HIlls Expy.
Phone: 417-334-4363

Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show

4/10/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

Unbelievable is the perfect word to describe the show.  It’s one of the best variety shows in Branson, Including illusions, singing, and dancing.  Wonderful, aerial acts, a circle and more.  Hamner is the  perfect show for the family to see at any time.

Hamner has one of the best patriotic salute in our town and is done extremely well.  You will rise up to the occasion when you hear this salute to our veterans.

Be sure to see the show on your stay in Branson.  You won’t be sorry.

Simon & Garfunkel

Review – Starting in September. 

ABBA Thank You For the Music - A Modern Tribute to ABBA

3/20/2024 –  Rich Turcott

This show is high energy and fast paced.  How can a show featuring ABBA music not be fantastic.  Chelsie, Maggie, Stephen and James have the voices, harmony and the energy to keep you singing along.  They use videos to help track the  ABBA career thru history.  Don’t miss this show.

4/9/2024 – Barb Willkomm

Easy list easy listening pleasure for this show. Wonderfully reproduced songs of the group ABBA. The video accompanying this tribute show are exceptional and give you a lot of information regarding the background of the group and some of the songs.

If you wanna go back and relive the 60s and 70s and this show for you to see. 

4/26/2024 – Michael Wackerly – 

There is a party going on at Hamners’  Variety Theater.

 This show is a non stop get up out of your seat and dance to the music of one of the greatest Bands ever ABBA extravaganza. Hit after hit brilliantly performed and harmonized by  very talented vocalists. The choreography and costumes are fantastic and enhance the show perfectly.

 Get over to Hamners’ and sing along!


Back to the Bee Gees

3 / 21/ 2024 – Rich Turcott –

What a great show!!  James, Stephen, and Michael do the Bee Gees proud with their falsetto voices.  This is a great journey thru the songs written and sung by the Bee Gees.  Videos  provide added information about the incredible group.  Before you go to dinner, take in this 5pm show.  Well worth seeing while in Branson.

4/8/2024 – barb Willkomm – 

Welcome back to the 70s! This is the show for you to see highlighting all the great music of the Brothers Gibb in the Bee Gees. Fantastic vocals of all the hit songs that the boys created over the years.

This show was accompanied by excellent videos throughout the years of the Brothers. Gibb performing the songs in concert, and they also cover songs that they just wrote for other people as well. They’ve added a few new props this year to the show and I think it’s something that you’ll want to be sure to see when you’re in town. 

4/26/2024 – Jim Kast –

The Bee Gees are well represented in this Tribute show. Stephen, James, and Michael has the voices and the moves to make any Bee Gee fan proud.

They give it all on stage as they travel through the Bee Gees song book.  You will learn so much about the Bee Gees and the songs they wrote for people. Perfect for the whole family


Beach Boys - California Dreamin'

 3/20/2024 – Rich Turcott – 

A great way to start your day!  A very talented and energetic cast of James, Stephen, Chelsie and Maggie provide non-stop songs.  This is a  journey thru the Beach Boys song book.  Excellent videos to further explain the Beach Boys era.  Highly recommend.

4/10/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

Oh to bring back the memories of summer and surfing the waves.  This fantastic show highlights all the hits of the Beach Boys throughout their career.  The vocal group does an excellent job of singing these songs, and they’re accompanied by wonderful videos of the history of the Beach Boys from their inception.

One of the highlights of the show is the addition of songs from the mama, and the Papas, which are also beautifully captivated by the group. Be sure to see the show at Hamner’s Unbelievable Theater at 10 o’clock in the morning


5/2/2024 – Mike Wackerly

This is a fantastic show featuring the music of the Beach boys. Hit after hit performed wonderfully, and the voices of these performers are fantastic.

The show flows and the video presentations are enjoyable. The costumes  and choreography set the mood for you to enjoy this show.