Hamners' Variety Theatre
3090 Shepherd of the HIlls Expy.
Phone: 417-334-4363

Hamners' Unbelievable Variety Show

4/12/2023 – barb willkomm – Excellent family show featuring magic, songs and dances a stellar aerialist and more.  Love to watch the birds fly into the audience.

4/20/2023 – Michael Porter – Jam packed with everything you need. Illusions are mind blowing, vocalists are fantastic, and the choreography has you not wanting to close your eyes. Then the beautiful birds! Something for everyone in the family.


6/8/2023 – rich turcott – This show lives up to its name. It is like a small Circus with the different performers. The center attraction is Dave Hamners magic, his trained birds, and this humor. There is something to please all ages.


6/7/2023 – Michael wackerly – This is a variety show, something for all ages. Dave and Denise Hamner provide mind-blowing illusions plus share with the audience their rare, beautiful Macaw birds. Tamra and Jeff showcase powerful vocals, Ken and the dancers add the choreography, plus you even get a trick roper and Gorilla. Bring the whole family to this one.

Simon & Garfunkel

Review – Starting in September. 

ABBA Thank You For the Music

4/21/2023 – rich turcott – Hamner Theater presents…ABBA. When you combine great songs, excellent vocals, stunning costumes and the best ever choreography, the 2023 show is the best ever. Give yourself a treat and see this show. You will be dancing in the aisle at the end!!!

4/21/2023 – Michael Porter – Take a journey through the hits of the supergroup ABBA. This show will have you singing and dancing all afternoon. Great costumes and choreography. Vocals are spot on, take a chance on  this one.

5/23/2023 – Barb Willkomm –  Here’s another great show for going down memory lane. Just a few of the great hits–Money, Dancing Queen, Fernando, Knowing Me Knowing you and SOS!  The group Stephen, James, Maggie and Chelsea did a fantastic job and all new costumes this year.  Eat a late lunch for this 5 pm time slot and you will have time for another show!

6/6/2023 – jim Kast – Are there any Abba fans in town.  Get over to see this show.  The cast will have you singing and dancing in the aisles.  They cover all of Abba’s greatest songs as well as some that did not make the charts.  The cast of Chelsie, Steven, James, and Maggie have great voices. For Abba fans, this is a must-see show.


Back to the Bee Gees

4/22/2023 – rich turcott – Back for their 3rd season at The Hamner Theater, Stephen, James and Michael provide a show in video and song through the career of the Bee Gees. All three take turns using their Falsetto voice to bring the songs to life. This is a show that should be seen by any Bee Gee  fan.

5/22/2023 – Barb Willkomm – It’s time to get that leisure suit out of moth balls and see this amazing tribute to The Bee Gees!  Unfortunately, they can’t cover all the great songs but the guys sure do try!  Also covered are some of the song’s others sang that were hits. It could be a moment of I sure didn’t realize that!   When the piano and guitar come out get ready for one of the best parts–a tribute to the three brothers in heaven and to those who have lost a loved one.   And yes, you do have time to see an evening show, just plan a late lunch before you go!

5/24/2023 – Michael Porter – Take a trip with Stephen, Michael, and James through all the hits of the Bee Gees. Great vocals and choreography. Listen to some of best harmonies in town. This show will have you dancing in your seat or in the aisles.

6/5/2023 – Michael wackerly – Fantastic Tribute to one of the best Supergroups ever. High energy, great choreography, and great vocals, that will have you dancing and singing to hit after hit. Experience the genius of the Bee Gees.


Beach Boys - California Dreamin'

 4/11/2023 – barb willkomm – Easy listening morning show with excellent videos of background into The Beach Boys history and songs.  Costumes pertinent to the era. Not only covers Beach Boys but a few others groups as well.

5/16/2023  – Michael Porter – Time to hit the surf with the Beach Boys California dreamin’. All your favorite beach boys’ songs. Great Costumes and Great choreography, and fantastic voices highlight this show. The show goes through the group’s history. Fantastic show.

6/7/2023 – Michael wackerly – Fantastic Tribute to the Beach Boys. Stephen, Chelsie, Maggie, and James do a wonderful job. Great choreography, fast paced show. This show has you singing and dancing as they take you through the Beach Boys classics. Fun for the whole family.