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C J Newsoms Classic Country and Comedy

4/30/2024 – Michael Wackerly – 

Fantastic show, classic country at its finest. CJ Newsome once again proves why she has been a female entertainer of the year as well as female vocalist of the year. Add multi time comedian of the year Terry Wayne Sanders, mix in a top-notch band and great choreography and you have one of the best shows in town that can’t be missed.


4/30/2024 – Barb Willkomm – 

Award-winning CJ Newsome has another fantastic show lined up for you this year.  CJ Newsoms Classic Country and Comedy is a great family show for all to see. Her wonderful singing, and the antics of her comedian, Terry Wayne Sanders will leave you with a much-fulfilled heart when you leave the theater. She’s also accompanied by Michael J Frost, who does a fantastic job and the Recliners band and dance troop.

She covers many artists throughout the years of classic country. Just a few Patsy Cline, Reba McEntire, Kenny Rogers, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, and Minnie Moore.

This is another massey show for your Branson entertainment when in town. Be sure to check it out. 


Once Upon A Fairytale

5/19/2023 – Barb Willkomm –  Dreams and fairytales can come through!  Bring your children, bring your grandparents, just bring someone to share this fantastic production. No one of any age will be disappointed.  From the beginning to the end you will be treated to the wonderful talent of the six cast members. Beautiful harmonies and dance. Did I mention costumes?  Absolutely beautiful and so appropriate to each song.  So yes, dreams can come true. Make time in your schedule to see for yourself. 

5/20/2023 – Michael Porter – This is a fantastic start to the day. The kids will love this show, as will adults. Disney has come to Branson. Great costumes and fantastic voices. They have put a lot of work into this show, and you benefit from it. Come sing and dance and have a great time.

5/27/2023    Once Upon a Fairytale

 Cadence Miller has put together a fantastic new show. This is a Broadway type musical extravaganza. Travel through the Disney songbook sung beautifully with this cast. Great costumes and great choreography, this is a show for everyone.

Michael Wackerly

6/7/2023 – rich turcott – This is a nice show kids will really like.  The show takes you through Disney Classic films in Song and Video. The 6-member cast of talented singers with some dancing thrown in performs this show ” magically” see it at the Americana Theater now

Awesome 80's

4/18/2023 – barb willkomm – If you favor music from the 80’s then look no further—this is the show for you. Extremely high energy from opening to close with the best of the best songs!  Artists including Sting, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Billy Idol and George Michael to name a few were covered.  The costumes were pure 80 vintage and very appealing to the eye!  Each entertainer covered their chosen songs perfectly and with conviction. Definitely a show for the family to see. 

4/21/2023 – Michael Porter -There is a dance party going on at the Americana theatre. This is a fast-moving high energy good time, that makes you want to get up and dance. The 80’s are alive and well.


6/10/2023 – jim kast – For those of you that are 80’s fans, don’t miss this show. From when the curtain opens to the closing, its non-stop high energy show.  The entertainers are spot on for their song choices of the artist they are portraying.  To relive the 80’s doesn’t miss this show.

America's Top Country Hits

4/30/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

Covering over 70 years of top country hits. This show performed by four excellent singers and three band members provide a fun evening of entertainment.

America’s top country hits is one of the number one shows to see in Branson. The video clips accompany each song are very informative and pleasant to watch without being distracting.

So if country music over the last 70 years is your enjoyment, then this is a show for you to go see. 


Broadway to Buble'

4/16/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

George Dyer performs in the show Broadway to Buble at the Americana Theatre.  Extremely pleasant way to start your morning off is to go and listen to him and his wife Clarissa sing all the wonderful tunes from the past, current, Broadway, and including songs from Michael Buble

Dyer’s voice is so pleasant to hear you could easily relax and fall asleep but then you’ll miss out on a wonderful show.  His wife Clarice has a just as beautiful voice and sings duets with him as well as sole during the show. 

I’m being partial, but Phantom of the opera is my favorite musical and he does a fantastic shop.

Be sure to include this when you’re visiting Branson.


4/30/2024 – Jim Kast –

  George and Clarisse Dyer star in this incredible show, you will hear everything from Broadway to Opera and even some Gospel. Stunning voices, fantastic costumes and Chemistry second to none. You will be leaving this show with a song in your heart and some pep in your step. Great way to start your day!

Elvis - Story Of A KIng

4/9/2024 -barb willkomm

The uniqueness of the show is the way it’s presented to the audience. It’s well marinated narrated by Elvis’s mother from his beginning as a childhood singer to the end of his career. Exceptional videos accompany the performance as well as live band.

The wonderful vocals of Matthew Boyce to this whole show. Highlighting Elvis’s best career of his lifetime. Three wonderful dancers also perform in the show songs of that era. So unique you’ll never find another show. I didn’t grandson respecting Elvis’s career. It’s a must see show you should  catch  when you’re in town. 

The Best of Motown and More

4/23/2024 – barb willkomm – 

If you like the group temptations, you will hear a lot of the great songs portrayed by this trio of gentlemen. Great harmonization on many of the songs. They do cover other than the temptations, and it is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. This is a late afternoon show at 5 PM. Please check the schedule at the Americana Theatre for the best of Motown and more as they do travel and have limited dates available.

Classic Rock Icons

5/12/2024 – Barb Willkomm –  

Get ready to rock ‘n’ roll when you see classic rock icons at the Americana Theatre.

This show covers many of the great hits from rock icon such as Aerosmith Mick Jagger And others. Johnny Morocco’s rendition of his tribute to Mick Jagger and Matthew Boyce tribute to Steven Tyler from Aerosmith is just out of this world.

This show will have you clapping and wanting to get up and dance on the dance floor that’s provided in the theater. Take advantage of it and you won’t be sorry. 

British Invasion



Southern Gospel Sundays - The Frosts

5/12/2024 – Barb Willkomm –

All I can say is wow. This is not your normal southern gospel show. Southern Gospel Sunday is put on by Michael Frost and his family is an excellent way to end your Sunday afternoon.

Not only will you be listening to some of the southern songs in the hymns from the past, you also listen to Michael’s greatest songs that he has written as well.

He’s accompanied by his wife, Jennifer and his daughter Jael as well as Clay on the piano. They harmonize her vocals very well and Jennifer and Michael both have an outstanding voice when performing their solos.

Plus, you will be pleasantly surprised at the comedic actions of Jennifer. I’m not going to give anything away, but it is a comedy routine that you will not want to miss and it’s just perfect for the setting of the Southern Gospel show.

Be sure to put this on your list of Sunday afternoon enjoyment shows to see great family entertainment.

Jay Osmond Live