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C J Newsom's Classic Country & Comedy

4/21/2022 – RIch Turcott – Put the powerful voice of C J Newsom and the comedy of Terry Wayne Sanders together and great song and comedy are the result.  C J takes you through the years of country hits and artists.  The comedy of “Joad Rivers”, Barney Fife”, and a variety of other characters that Terry Bring to life will keep you in stitches.  Spend an evening at this show, you will be glad you did.

5/1/2022 – Michelle Folse – An explosive performance from a little package of dynamite best describes C. J.’s performance.  Her award winning voice and stage presence will leave you wanting more.  In fact, the entire show leaves you wanting more.  The Recliners Band is outstanding, and Michael Jason Frost gives a shinning performance.  Terry Wayne Sanders comedy and impersonations will have you laughing until it hurts your side.  This show has it all, great band, vocals, dance, and comedy!  A must see when your are in Branson!

5/8/2022 – CJ Newsome’s Classic Country and Comedy

Hard hitting classic country and comedy that is what this show is about. High energy dynamic cast and band. CJs powerful voice and stage presence set the pace and Terry Wayne Sanders hilarious comedy skits keep the show flowing full speed ahead, throw in the fabulous Re-Cliner band and this show becomes a must see in Branson.

Michael Wackerly


6/26/2022 – mike porter                                 CJ Newsomes Classic Country and Comedy

Classic country at its finest, CJ Newsom highlights this gem. Hard hitting classic music with fantastic vocals and choreography. Terrific band, then you have the comedic genius of Terry Wayne Sanders, and you have an award winning show.

Once Upon A Fairytale


Awesome 80's

4/1/2022 – Jason Cragg – Returning for their 2nd season, Awesome 80’s encompasses everything that made the 80’s Radical!  More than 70 songs covering every genre from pop to hairband, to tropical and patriotic and artists, ranging from Guns N Roses to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.  There is something for everyone of all ages to love in this show.  The vocal talents these six people display are truly exceptional.  One of my true favorites and in my opinion the most fun show in town.  You will enjoy every minute.  

4/23/2022 – Rich Turcott –  An awesome show of super high energy.  The singers are all excellent.  Barry, Matthew, Alexis, and Hillary lead a group of 6 polished singers.  The stage is never empty as the singers keep moving from one song and costume change to another.  They cover almost any group of singer you can think of from the 80’s.  Matthew’s, Michael Jackson is a crowd favorite.  See this show!

5/14/2022/ – Michael Wackerly – This is the music that made my generation great, hit after hit of awesome music, high energy nonstop rock n roll, pop, and hairband. The audience was singing and dancing away, the cast are all exceptionally talented vocalist and the choreography and 80’s costumes were perfectly woven into this show. A must-see top ticket in this one!

6/18/2022  mike porter                                       Awesome 80s

High energy fast paced, don’t blink your eyes or you might miss something. Great choreography and vocals. Highly entertaining for the whole family.


America's Top Country Hits

4/20/2022 – Rich Turcott – Fast paces, non stop, top country songs is the synopsis of this new show.  The show must have set a record for number of songs sung in 2 hours.  It was fun to sit back and listen to almost every top artist that ever recorded country music.  The talent level matched the energy level.  Great singing and musicians that hit every note!!  Pure country, a hit on the Branson Stage in 2022.  

5/11/2022 – Jim Kast – Classic Country hits from the 1960’s to 2000’s, this show is an assembly of some of the biggest names in town. Fantastic vocals abound in this high energy, take it to the limit Country jam session. Hit after hit, Patsy Cline to Garth Brooks all your favorite toe tapping country Favorites. Do not miss this one!

5/11/2022 – Michelle Folse – This new show features some of the hot young guns of Branson! Great husband and wife chemistry of Hillary and Josh Carroll & Jen and Michael Frost fuel this show. These multi-talented performers are backed by live musicians as they present classic and current country hits. All shine as individuals, couples, and foursome. The theatre boasts a dance floor that you are encouraged to use. Get your boots and two-step on over to this show for some fun!


6/18/2022    mike porter                                      Americas Top Country Hits

Classic Country music at its finest, impressive band and vocalist. Hits from the 60’s to present your toes will be tapping in this one.


Broadway to Buble'

4/22022 – Rich Turcott – Truly a one of a kind show.  No one else in Branson has the range of voice and the smoothness of the voice that George has.  This is 2 hour show of a total entertainer at work.  He is joined by his wife, Clarisse to make this a must see show.  Catch George at 10am at the Americana Theatre.

5/9/2022 – Jim Kast – Start your morning off right with George Dyers Broadway to Buble’. George’s powerful voice will take you on a musical journey from hit Broadway productions, to Pop to stunning Opera numbers that will leave you wanting the morning to never end. Joined on stage by his wife Clarisse, who’s voice is also fantastic gets your morning started for a great day ahead. A can’t miss show.

5/30/2022 – Jason Cragg –  Two eagles soaring majestically over Taneycomo as the sunsets, perfectly matched, mated for like, created for one another . That is the visual image the vocal heights George and Clarisse Dwyer provide at The George Dwyer Show at Branson’s Americana Theater. The purity and power these voices create with strike right to your heart as they soar and enter-twine to take you on a journey unlike anything you will find outside the cultural epicenters of Paris, London, or Broadway. This amazing show provides the audience a cross section of timeless classics that will alone one to take a musical journey and “dip one’s toe” into genre’s one may not listen to daily but the second you hear them you will recognize and come to appreciate the beauty conveyed in this once in a lifetime experience. I would recommend this show for any age, it is truly unforgettable.


Elvis - Story Of A KIng

4/3 2022 – Jason/joy cragg – If you have been around Branson, you might have seen Elvis a time or two, but I have never seen anything like this.  From the first note Matthew Boyce sang.  I would have been hard pressed to tell Matthew voice from the King himself.  This autobiographically based show is narrated by the voice of Elvis’s mother (Donna Blackwood) , which adds a nice historical touch.  The progression of Elvis’s career is wonderfully captured by Matthew, Alexis Solheid, Hillary Carroll and Adrianna Find and show the true range of talent this cast has.  The ladies are not be be outdone, adding the spice of star female performers of the day as well as perfect choreography (thanks to Alexis).  Numerous costume change follow and capture the various looks.  Honestly, I count not find a single thing that was not 5 star!

4/14/2022 – Rich Turcott – Super high energy, a top talent in Matthew Boyce and singers and musician as good as you can find in Branson.  This show takes you on a chronological journey with video and narration by Donna Blackwood.  It highlights songs during the story.  The second half is non-stop song and Elvis movements.  Well worth an after noon.  Not your normal Elvis show.

5/1/2022 – Michael wackerly – Ladies and gentlemen Elvis is back in the Building.  Matthhew Boyce brings Elvis’s life story alive with flair in this show.  Joined on stage by Forrest Herzog on Guitar and Bryan Lawson on Bass, they keep this show jumping full force.  The background singers are top notch, Adrianna Fine, Hilary Carroll and Candence Miller are some of the fines  in town.  This high energy rendition of Elvis’s life is for sure a can’t miss , must see show even if you are a fan of Elvis, you will be impressed and entertained.

6/21/2022 – mike porter                                      Elvis Story of a King

High energy portrayal of the King of Rock and Roll, starting with the early years trying to make it to the military years through Elvis’s film career. Fantastic can’t miss show.


British Invasion

4/6/2022 – Phil Cragg – If you dig the early years of Rock then this show is your calling.  This group riffs out song after song of the monster hits of the 60’s and 70’s that boomers thrived on when our heart’s were young.  The Americana Theatre is home for this cool production of the new sounds of the time when cultures were evolving and life was colorful yet still simple.  I highly recommend it and thoroughly enjoyed the entire 90 minutes, no intermission gig!

5/6/2022 – Michael Wackerly – The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Dusty Springfield have invaded the Americana Theatre in this high energy rock and roll show. Hear all the hits from across the pond when the British influence invaded the music scene in the 60s and 70s. Very talented cast will have you singing and dancing in your seat. Come experience the sound that forever changed the music scene.

5/21/2022 – Jason Cragg – Beware The British are coming and they will reside in you heart, mind and music downloads following this great rendition of the classics from across the pond! First and foremost, Johnny Moroko is a dead ringer for “Mick” and his performances cannot be missed. Anytime you can see Matthew or Alexis you should jump at the chance as they are stars. Adam Webster rounds out this great cast and Jack’s guitar prowess rivals anyone in town. Another awesome experience from The Americana!

6/17/2022  mike porter                                       British Invasion

Relive the years of the British invasion with this show, from the Beatles to Dusty Springfield and Elton John to the Rolling Stones. The hits keep coming from across the Pond. Great stage show and choreography