Nashville Roadhouse Theatre
3750 W. 76 Country Blvd.
Phone: 417-320-3418

Nashville Roadhouse Live

2/26/2022  – jim kast –  – Nashville Roadhouse Live is a high energy, fast paced show, staring Stevie Lee Woods.  The show will have you stomping your feet and clapping your hands for a grand old time.  The second half of the show features a different guest star that Stevie brings in each week.  This week he featured each member of his band. Each of them are very talented in their own right.  This is two concerts in one, featuring country meets rock n roll. He also has dancers  backing him up  at different times in the show. Great show.

4/23/2022 – RIch Turcott – What else makes this show unique?  Stevie Lee combines Country songs and switches to some Rock N Roll during the show.  Literally something for everyone.  The second half of  the show features guest stars.  This week features the Grand Ladies of Country Music.  Leona Williams, Mary Lou Turner and Barbara Fairchild appear the w4th weekend of each month.  This show doesn’t fit any  molds, see for yourself and experience this show.

4/30/2022 – Jimmie Folse – Whether you’re a little bit country or a little bit rock & roll, this is the show for you.  Classic country and classis rock & roll are brought to you by Stevie Lee Woods and the Nashville Live Roadhouse Band.  You won’t be able to resist dancing and singing along from your seat.  Won’t be long before you see why they are awarding winning performances.  The Roadhouse Dancers performs a variety of dances styles that match the style and energy of the show.   As a bonus after the show, stay for karaoke and your chance to hang out with Stevie and the band.  Come for the show and leave as a part of the National Roadhouse family.


7/8/2022  – mike porter                              Nashville Roadhouse Live

Stevie Lee Woods has created a honkytonk here in Branson. Country music with a rock and roll influence. Stevie Lee Woods is a wonderful performer and his Fantastic band keeps the show rocking. Great show for the entire family

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The Best of Motown and More

5/1/2022 – jim kast – The Motown sound from Detroit is here in Branson.  They perform songs form the Platter, and the Four Tops just to name a few.  They will have you dancing and singing along with many of the songs that you know.  Doc Hutchinson, AJSR, William Gill, and Gerald Lyles voices blend very well together.  Dance moves are spot on. Head on over to hear the Doo Wop  sound..

5/11/2022 – Jimmie Folse – Perfect venue to showcase the talents and charming personalities of AJSR, Doc Hutchinson, William Gill, and Gerald Lyles as they perform their tribute to the Temptations. Adding a bit of variety, several other Motown artists from the 60s and 70s are spotlighted during the show. It wasn’t “Just My Imagination” that these gentlemen have all the smooth moves and beautiful harmonies you will remember from the early days of R&B. Make room in your schedule for this wonderful tribute show.

6/29/2022 – mike porter                          Motown and More

Motown at its best, Smooth moves and fantastic vocals. These smooth harmonies will have you sing and dancing along in no time. Great fun show. Must see show in town.


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