Pierce Arrow Theatre
3069 Shepherd of the Hills Expy.
Phone: 417-336-8742

Pierce Arrow Presents Decades

3/30/2022 – Joy Cragg – A must see show when visiting Branson!  The vocals are awesome and the Lead Singer, Chad Ruden and the drummer Anthony Walter are amazing and bring a lot to the show.  The comedian James Sibley is incredible.  James needs a show of his own.  Entertainment for all ages! 

5/9/2022 – Pierce Arrow presents Decades

Dan, Kevin, Tony and Chad headline this hard-hitting trip through the 50’s up to the 90’s great classic songs from country to rock n roll. You will learn quickly why they are the reigning vocal group of the year. James Sibley provides clean hilarious comedy that will have you laughing until your sides hurt. Joining them on stage is an incredible well-rounded band led by Jimmy Ponder. Tight harmonies, incredible vocals and top-notch comedy blend well with spectacular band. See this show!!

Jim Kast


6/27/2022 – mike porter                               Pierce Arrow Presents Decades

Rock and Roll from the 50’s through the 90s to present day, this rock show keeps rolling along fantastic vocals from Dan, Kevin, Chad, and Tony belt out hit after hit. Band is very good, and the comedy of James Sibley is dynamic, and hilarious. Well-rounded show put this on your list.

Pierce Arrow - Country

4/16/2022 – Joy Cragg – A must see show when visiting Branson.  Very talented singers and band to keep you on the edge of your seat.  A lot of updated country songs as well as great gospel songs.  The comedian, James Sibley is awesome!  This group has tons of energy and will keep you entertained thru out the show.

5/12/2022 – Michael Wackerly – Classic Country music up to modern Country, hard driving country jam with fantastic harmonies and fantastic band. High energy, hit after hit of Country gold.  James Sibley provides the comedy which will have you laughing for days. This is a great show to take the family to. This one should be on you must see list.

5/5/2022 – michelle Folse – Highly entertaining family show!  Huge performances span country, Classic rock, and gospel music.  While known for the quartet’s great harmonies, Dan, Tony, Scott and Chadd are stand-out individual performers, as well.  James Sibley is a family friendly comedian that is absolutely hilarious.  High-energy show from the start to finish!  Get you tickets now!

6/28/2022 – mike porter                            Pierce Arrow Country

Country music from the classics to new country. Hard driving country fest going on here, great band and high energy show. James Sibley will have you crying in laughter and the boys will provide the background to a great evening.