King's Castle Theatre
2701 W. 76 Country Blvd.
Phone: 417-334-2500

Anthems of Rock

6/1/2021 – Rich Turcott – Anthems of Rock is truly a high power show.  The cast is very talented with powerful voices and the dancers have excellent choreography.  The songs cover rock from Journey to Elton John, to the Beatles, Eagles and at least 20 more groups.  The electric guitar of Jack Cathcart stood out and was an added treat.  I highly recommend this show.


6/23/2021 – Michelle Folse – High-Energy and fast pace show, featuring some of the most recognizable rock stars of the century.  The dancers and choreography easily matches the pace and brings back memories of the early day of MTV,  The Queen final is the perfect ending for this show.   Be prepared to rock the night away. 


6/30/2021 – Paul Landers – Get  ready for an evening of awesome music and dancing, as they pay tribute to Queen, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin, to name a few.  If you are a rock fan, you really need to see this show.  Great show for the whole family and anyone who loves the 80’s music.

Dancing Queen

6/4/2021 – Jim Kast – Very high energy show.  The songs are familiar tunes.  Couple the costumes, lightings and excellent dancers/singers, your in for a very entertaining show.  

7/9/2021 – Paul Landers – Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for a trip back to the 70’s.  High energy and fast paced show.  They play some of the classic, like Disco Inferno, Waterloo and many more.  Get ready to have a great time at the biggest 70’s party.

Dublins Irish Tenors and Celtis Ladies

6/2/2021 – Michael Wackerly – What a delightful show this is.  It’s a fast paced show infused with beautiful voices by all cast members.  This one a must at Kings Castle.

New Jersey Nights

4/16/2021 – Michael Wackerly – What a fantastic afternnoon.  Jay McManus, Ryan Walton, James Allen and Rob Quibell, power through the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons songbook.  Joined by some very talented dancers make this show amazing.