Dick Clark American Bandstand Theatre
1600 W, 76 Country Blvd.
Phone: 417-339-3003

Legends in Concert

6/17/2021 – Paul Landers – Very energetic show, especially the Blues Brothers.  I’ve never seen anyone dance like these two.  All of the Legends ere great.  Very good impersonations.  Five characters (Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Blues Brothers, Lady Gaga, Elvis Presley) representing five stars of yesterday and today in authentic costume, using their natural voices.  Everyone has a very good time watching the Legends in Concerts. 

Legends of Country

6/20/2021 – Paul Landers – Very good show.  Actors portray stars, dressing like them, using their natural voices, look and sound like them.  They all do a very good job portraying their star.  Great show for the whole family.


No instruments, just six wonderful voices.  The group make all the instruments sounds with their voices, but when you hear them, you would swear there was a band some where, but there really isn’t.  Lots of energy, and good music.  Their voices blend very well together.  Don’t miss this show.

Buckets N Boards