Branson Famous Baldknobbers Theatre
645 MO-165 #1
Phone: 417-231-4999

Branson Famous Bandknobbers

3/22/2022 – Joy Cragg – True to form.  The Mabe’s continue to provide the top quality entertainment that built this into the premier music destination it is today.  Combining current chart topper with all around favorites, this show never disappoints.  The Gospel portion is a special treat that will have you planning on visiting their Sunday morning show to enjoy the amazing blessing The Baldknobber’s provide. 

5/14/2022 – Jim Kast – Celebrating 60+ years in Branson, the Baldknobbers have produced a very high energy in your face, runaway locomotive that will delight the entire family. From the top-notch band to the hilarious comedy of Hargus, to the incredible vocalist. There is never a dull moment, and you can’t wait to see what’s next. This must be on your bucket list when in town!!!


Baldknobbers Vintage Show

6/23/2021 – Michelle Folse –  If this show doesn’t get you to say Hallelujah, nothing will.  You will feel each performer genuine heartfelt testimony of their beliefs through their music,  Sing along to the uplifting, traditional and modern songs of faith.  Great live band further enhances the show’s experience.  This is do not miss!!


5/19/2022 – Jim Kast – Taking you back in time to when the Baldknobbers brought live music to the strip. Classic Country and Gospel music that will have you Dancing in your seat and waving your arms. Fantastic Band that rounds out this show perfectly. Incredible vocals and great song choices. Do not miss this show.

The Doug Gabriel Show

6/4/2021 – Rich Turcott –  Incredible show!!  Doug covers a wide range of the music spectrum with his powerful voice and one of the finest guitar players in town.  Cheryl Gabriel family is very talented.  Cheryl and daughter Jasmine, also have remarkable voices make this a top ticket in town.  

7/14/2021 – Jim Kast –  Incredible show!!  Doug covers a wide range of the music spectrum with his powerful voice and on of the finest guitar players in town.  The Gabriel family is very talented.  Cheryl and daughter Jasmin, also have remarkable voices making this a top ticket in town.

7/23/2021 – Paul Landers – Doug show is high energetic and moves from start of finish.  Doug plays his famous Muftar that his father gave to him.  Great story about the Multar.  He will delight you with his guitar playing.  His family is featured and all are very talented.  Lots of good music and comedy makes for a great show.

Reza - Edge of Illusion

3/8/2022 – Phil Cragg – The illusions of Reza are simply fantastic.  The lighting and special effects may very well be the best i have seen seen in recent years. He is phenomenal in his audience captivation and participation from the smallest of children to older volunteers.  If you have children in your family, they will absolutely love the magic of Reza.  Put this show at the top of your list of family entertainment.