Branson Famous Baldknobbers Theatre
645 MO-165 #1
Phone: 417-231-4999

Branson Famous Bandknobbers

4/19/2023 – Barb Willkomm – This is not your ordinary country music show BUT it is one of the best modern country shows in town. Features many upbeat songs to keep you clapping and foot stomping all the way through. The beautiful voices of Megan Mabe and Ashley Dawn harmonize beautifully. The show also includes just the right amount of comedy that will keep you in stitches. Nice patriotic salute and always great gospel included. 

4/23/2023 – rich turcott – Brandon Mabe continues the 64 year tradition of the Baldknobbers show in Branson. This is a high energy show mixing some old country, new country and a little Rock ‘n Roll. Add the comedy of Hargus Marcel and you have an evening of music and laughs. 


4/28/2023 – Michael Porter – What a special evening, this show is a locomotive, high energy good time. The amazing band sets the pace, and Hargus will have you rolling in your seat. Brandon, Megan, Ashley Dawn and Shane VanCamp are fantastic vocalists, and you cannot miss the beautiful duets of Brandon and Megan. No wonder this show has been going on for 60 plus years!

Baldknobbers Vintage Show

4/20/2023 – Jim Kast – Taking you back in time to when the Baldknobbers brought live music to the strip. Classic Country and Gospel music that will have you dancing in your seat and waving your arms. Great live band further enhances the show’s experience.   Incredible vocals and great song choices.


5/18/2023 – Michael Poter – The Baldknobbers go back to their roots and give you pure classic country music, with some fantastic Gospel hymns as well. Great vocalists and fantastic band, Comedy will have you in stiches.


The Doug Gabriel Show

4/18/2023 – Barb Willkomm – There’s definitely a reason why this show is the 3rd longest running performance in town!  Doug Gabriel and his family have a winning combination:  great selection of music, excellent voices that harmonize well, a hot band and just the right amount of comedic relief. I particularly enjoyed the Gospel segment and rock selections. Be sure to catch this morning’s show when in town.

5/11/2023  –  Michael Porter- One of the hottest shows in town. Doug and his family give you everything they have and then some. Fantastic Band, comedy segments are great, and Doug is the ultimate performer. What a voice. Make sure you schedule this morning show when in Branson!


5/19/2023 – Michael Wasckerly – Once again Doug and his family put on a fantasic show.  Great song selections, and stage presence.  Doug’s powerful voice, backed by one of the top bands in town is a must see show.  Cheryl, Stephanie, and Jasmine, harmonize so beautifully, and each has a strong voice as well.  Doug also gives you a glimpse of his instrumental prowess as well with his guitar playing and piano skills.  Top ticket in town.

Reza - Edge of Illusion

4/23/2023 – Barb Willkomm – Reza puts on an exhilarating performance for all ages   Some of his illusions just make you want to scratch your head and say “how”.   He has a lot of audience participation and that can put an interesting twist to the show. You just never know what a person is going to come up with on stage!  He handles the situation well. Some might say his show is too loud!  It fits the upbeat performance he puts on as it’s meant too.

5/6 /2023  – Michael Porter – Reza will surprise you with the illusions he pulls off, you won’t believe your eyes. Plenty of audience participation, a great show for everyone in the family. Great pace to the show it’s a well spent two hours.